6 Types of Accounting Firms

There are several types of services provided by the firms that offer accounting outsourcing in Dubai, UAE. These services help people in different accounting tasks so they can solve their complex accounting and tax-related issues conveniently.

These services also offer many benefits as they have professional experts that can help people through providing international and domestic services as per the needs and requirements of their clients.

Whether it’s about choosing an expert in internal audit Dubai for their services or hiring an accounting firm, you need to know that these accounting firm services provide a wide variety of services to the clients.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 6 types of accounting firms to help people understand more about them.

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1. Full-Service Firm

Full-service accounting firms offer multiple services to people in different fields such as risk management, audit, tax, business development, and other financial services based on the requirements of their clients. They have several departments and a group of qualified experts to deal with different issues as per their clients’ needs.

2. Tax Firm

Tax firms offer tax services to their clients to help them with different categories of the tax such as income tax, corporate or individual tax, and other types of tax. These tax firms help people to stay compliant with certain tax laws and also provide assistance in tax-specific areas.

3. Audit Firm

An audit firm provides assistance to clients and companies with different financial issues. They have a team of skilled professionals that know how to perform audits for the clients on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to protect the companies and clients from potential risks.

4. Risk Management Firm

As the name suggests, they help in managing and controlling the risks involved while conducting certain business procedures and processes. They also provide risk management services to evaluate the risk of business firms through security checks while managing all their accounting issues.

5. Outsourced Accounting Firm

An outsourced accounting firm provides accounting services to the client’s site. These accounting firms have accounting experts that offer a wide variety of accounting services to the clients at their location. They work in different sectors and fields while remaining a part of these firms.

6. Bookkeeping Firm

These firms provide assistance to the business owners with monthly bookkeeping so that their businesses can remain compliant with the tax and accounting laws. They also offer other small financial related issues to help the businesses stay healthy and well-organized for a longer period of time.