Necessary credentials for the accounting geeks

If you want to start your career as an accountant then you have to take one of few accountancy credentials to get the most paid job. There are many top chartered accounting firms in UAE through which you can start your career and excel in that. You can also start your career by applying for a job in one of many auditing firms in UAE but first you should have the relevant credentials. To know more about the relevant credentials you can see this:

Chartered Accountant: It is the most paid credential. If you get the degree of a chartered accountant then you will be guaranteed to get a higher pay. But getting this degree is very difficult and it is a very long process. It will take almost five or more years to complete the credential. Although the minimum time required is three years but very few or even no percentage of students completes this in three years. In these years students have to do job along with the study. For this degree student first need to complete the common proficiency test. This test is given to get the hands on knowledge about the accounting and commerce subjects for the school passed students. But for the graduating student this test is not necessary they can start from the course directly. After the course they should have integrated professional course certification which has two parts. For the ease of students exams for this certificate are held twice every year and after passing the exam of the first part they must have the on job training for about three years before taking the exam of the last part. They can get the credentials after they pass both the exams.

Certified management accountant: This course is designed mainly for the professionals who are already doing job and want to excel in their career of accountancy but other people can also do this course to get the better understanding and a higher level credential. It also required two years of relevant on job experience and the exams has also two parts which are held three times in a year. But if a person is already on the job of accountancy field before the admission then he can use this as the relevant experience.