Are you an employee? Know your rights

NDT or non-destructive testing is a way of examining the machines in a way that they will still work after the examination as depicted by the name, it will not destroy any part or the whole machine during the examination and as result machine can work properly after that. It is also used to observe the different parts of the machine or substance to ensure the safety and reliability of the examining body. 

There is a fact that there are no free lunches in the world, you have to pay them in one way or the other even sometimes you do not realize that you are paying for them but you do like when you get the free training from your company then you think it is free but in reality when you get the training you then have to work more hard and more vigilantly and it will be the payment of that free training but you will never recognize that. Most people will not even think about this way and they take the free things promptly without hesitation, so next time when someone offer you anything for free then you have to think about it in all the perspectives and then make a decision about it. 

To do this examination, there are specific people known as the ISO consultants in UAE. They are trained to this job and they are well aware of doing this with so much care that they do not harm the substance in any way. The will also get the NDT training in Dubai in order to give them more and recent information and practices. It will not only help the consultants in doing better job but also it will help the companies who are hiring them as they will get the more knowledgeable staff for their substances and as a result they should not be worried about their machines. 

Sometime people will take the unnecessary advantage of others in the name of free things. Same is with the companies when they offer their employees about free training them often get more benefit from their employees than it is necessary so the employees should know about their rights too. They should take free training but then they should work according to what is paid to them.

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