How to become a modern engineer?

People go to offices and work for their employees for a limited number of hours. This is a common practice in many architecture firms Abu Dhabi but this is some kind of old practice now. People who has done electrical engineering UAE has now more inclined towards working remotely in many companies at a time without the fixed number of hours. To become a remote engineer you need to have good analyzing skills so that you can analyze the situation from the distance. Following are some other factors which you have to apply if you want to be a remote and modern engineer:

Remote assistance: You have to be ready for the remote assistance at any time of the day because for a remote assistance there are no fixed hours or working. You have to be available to your clients whenever they need you. You should have a strong internet connection which should be without any interruption. If you go offline and do not rely to your client’s query for hours then they will avoid giving you work and then search for another one.

Portfolio: To start online remote assistance you have to first make your portfolio which will help you in gaining new clients. If you do not have any portfolio then you should ask to your friends or family to get your help in fewer amounts or even free just to add it in to your portfolio. Once you established a good one then the clients will automatically come to you for getting your assistance. A good portfolio is like a good CV which will help you in getting your online clients far from the place of your living.

Analyzing: When you start doing remote assistance then you first have to strong your analyzing ability. This is necessary because if your client is from another country then you cannot go and visit the place or see the tools by taking them in your hand, you have to analyze them by their reports or by pictures the client sent you. If you have strong analytical powers only then you can analyze about the problem of the tool or the place. It is also important to get the hands on physical experience while studying or even after that to get the strong analyzing power.