Things to know before you enter the world of boxing

With several gym in Abu Dhabi introducing us with the sport of boxing and providing boxing class in Abu Dhabi have definitely gained interest of several people and they are drawn to this sport more than ever before. But the problem with such a different sport is its unfamiliarity unlike the other sports of swimming and cycling which people grow up learning. Good thing is that we have got you covered with some useful tips that you can use before setting your foot in the world of boxing:

  • Good rest means everything

If you have already been training in gym then there is a good chance that your muscles will be tight and sore and you must also know that before trying out a new work out rest is necessary. But with boxing there’s a special reason why your whole body should be relaxed and not under any strain because boxing is one of those sports where teaching the body to relax and go with the movement is hard. Hydration is also recommended as this sport is all about body and muscle strength.

  • Be mentally prepared

It is wrong if you think that boxing is all about hand movements and forearms, this is a misconception that every other beginner has to deal with and are disappointed when they realize it is a whole head-to-toe workout as it’s the inner core that has to do the most work. So if you don’t want to deal with the disappointment that leads to giving up then we would suggest you to be mentally prepared and physically ready for this new sport.

  • Start from the lowest level

Entering a new sport can be exciting and very energetic but every beginner must channel this energy wisely. When you are new to boxing always remember to learn the technique first before going all in with your punches and energy because when you don’t have a good grip on technique you are ought to hurt yourself. You also need to remember that the punching bag in front of you can be twice as heavy as you so start from a low level and eventually move up. It is the rule of every sport to start from lowest level and reach to the hardest.