Mental Health Awareness

We all must know the meaning of pink ribbon which represents all our support to breast cancer and its awareness, but do we know the meaning of green ribbon and why people are supporting it all around the world?

Green ribbon means to create awareness about mental health and helping the individuals at the early stage who are suffering from it. Almost 56% of our population is suffering through low mental health UAE which means that every 4th person in the country is suffering through it. This is high time that psychiatrist Dubai are consulted to make sure that our parents, children, neighbor and even our own selves is immune from it, because mental health is something which is easy to become a bait to but hard to get away from the trap.

If you know someone who must see a professional to take care of their mental health, you should not hesitate for a moment and contact one immediately. Sometimes the symptoms are clearly visible while other times you will have to be aware if something seems off. Treatments are available all around us so make sure that you are well aware of the places that you can turn to in case you find yourself or a loved one in such kind of situation. 

It is nothing to be ashamed of or feel embarrassed from because no one wants you to suffer through such a thing which might not end well. The more people are aware of it, the more it breaks the stigma around. People will no longer feel like it is a disease which needs to be locked up in the corner rooms and never be discussed about. While in reality, it is important that this is something which should be more and more discussed and talked about so that the people suffering from it can do self diagnosis and seek psychiatric attention themselves.

The high awareness of mental illness which is created amongst people can create new ventures for everyone and bring a big change to our environment that can be very helpful. People will be well aware of their actions and the results that leads to it which would eventually make the world a better place to live and care for each other.