Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

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On the other hand, it can be seen that when individuals speak about panic attacks, they are focusing more on its psychological and emotional side effects. This thing is true because fear accompanied with constant periods of uneasiness results in severe anxiety attacks. An individual experiencing a regular episode of anxiety is particularly facing danger every now and then.

Due to severe panic attacks a person’s “sympathetic nervous system” is badly affected. This system is in control of an individual’s involuntary processes including one’s breathing and heart rate. When one is facing severe anxiety problems then they may experience high rates of breathing. This result in an individual’s “adrenal glands” to release certain hormones like “adrenaline” and “cortisol”.  The physical symptoms of anxiety include this domino effect.

Due to constant panic attacks, a number of hormones are being released. This causes severe damage to a human’s body from “head to toe”.

A variety of physical symptoms associated with anxiety attacks have been discussed below. 

Increase Heart Rate

When an individual is facing any sort of intense stressful condition then it has a bad effect on their overall body. In such a condition their heartbeat may increase many folds and more blood is being pumped up to a person’s large muscles. Like this one is able to deal with severe threats that their body might experience. But panic attacks worsen this condition to a greater extent. One can deal with this problem by consulting a variety of specialists

Problem in Breathing

Blood in an individual’s body is responsible for circulating oxygen throughout the body. Due to increased stress episodes, blood is being pumped at an increased rate. This result in increased levels of breathing so one is able to get more oxygen. But this quick breathing results in more severe panic attacks. But one can engage their parasympathetic nervous system so they can calm down after a severe series of threat has gone away. 

Muscles Pain 

An individual’s muscles tend to tense up when they are experiencing severe panic attacks. If one holds a particular part of their body then this will result in more pain. People always have severe headaches due to increased anxiety problems. 

These problems can be dealt if one makes effective use of anxiety-relieving therapies.