All about Antarctica Desert

Have you ever thought about outdoor birthday party venues in Dubai? Have you ever visited deserts and barren lands of Dubai and Arabs?
If yes, then think about cold deserts.

In our world, there are many cold deserts but one of them is Antarctica deserts.

Read below, if you want to know about it!

  1. It was discovered in 1820 and explorers reached there in 1911 at its South Pole.
  2. The desert has summer from October to February while majority of the year there is winter in this cold desert.
  3. It is the coldest desert in the world. Its average temperature is -73 degrees centigrade or -100 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest temperature recorded there was -89.2 degrees centigrade in 1983.
  4. It is the driest place. It is entirely desert. There is not snow and rainfall in this region. Everything is ice. Besides this, because of coldness the precipitation does not melt there, even.
  5. It has 4km thick ice in some places which creates ice shelves over oceans. The breaking of these shelves creates icebergs.
  6. The melting of ice sheets of Antarctica can rise the ocean by 60 to 65 percent.
  7. Its ice sheet is the largest mass on earth.
  8. There is not population of people there but around 1000 people are living there because of their research work in research centres.
  9. It is the windiest part of the world. The winds at Antarctica reach up-to 200 mph or 320 km/h.
  10. 99 percent of Antarctica is covered by ice.
  11. It is the fifth largest continent.
  12. 70 percent of the freshwater is received from Antarctica desert for our daily use.
  13. It would raise by 16 feet of sea level globally if West Antarctica Ice sheet will be melted.
  14. The size of Antarctica is 5.4 million square miles. It is more than the size of United States of America.
  15. The largest ice shelf is Ross Ice Shelf. It is 197,000 squares miles long. It is around four percent of Antarctica.
  16. There are numerous hyper-saline lakes in the driest desert. Don Juan Pond is the largest lake of Antarctica.
  17. The average temperature of the desert is -2- degrees centigrade and it can drop up-to -90 degrees centigrade. Antarctica can be as warm as 30 degrees centigrade.

So, these are few facts about Antarctica desert. However, you cannot plan your evening desert safari over there otherwise you will die. So, read and imagine to be there!